Examples of traditional plaster mouldings that Mr Kerrison can obtain, fix and repair for you.
















































The interiors of many old terraced houses feature these wonderful traditional mouldings - cornices, covings, ceiling centrepieces, panel mouldings, niches, corbels and brackets, moulded plaster fireplaces...

But sometimes problems can arise. The original mouldings may have deteriorated - or the underlying plasterwork may have decayed, or been poorly restored.

In other cases, features appropriate to a period and size of house may be missing, whether due to skimping on original construction, or later misguided "renovation" or neglect.

Mr Kerrison's expertise can handle all the issues involved in bringing out the best in the plasterwork in your home.

Your traditional plaster mouldings repaired and restored..
New mouldings in traditional styles supplied and fitted..
Old plaster and lath removed and replaced..
 Plasterwork cleaned, repaired, replaced, or reskimmed..
Old artex removed, and replaced with a smooth finish
   or modern textured pattern as desired..

Whatever the plasterwork problem, Mr. Kerrison will be happy to advise you.

Below we show a variety of plaster mouldings in traditional styles. Remember, Mr. Kerrison can obtain any of these for you at manufacturers' discounted prices.


ceiling rose 1   ceiling rose 2   ceiling rose 3   ceiling rose 4

(patterns and cross-sections)

cornice frieze 1   cornice frieze 2   cornice frieze 3

cornice frieze 4   cornice frieze 5   cornice frieze 6 

(patterns and cross-sections)

dado rail 1        dado rail 2


bracket 1   bracket 2   bracket 3   bracket 4

Mr Kerrison is always happy to advise about traditional plaster mouldings..


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